Ward 01 Beyerunka has its headquarter at Beyerunka Primary School

          Ward 02 Oranyan/Ogboriefon with its headquarter at Ogboriefon Hall

           Ward 03 Ojagbo with its with its headquarter at Ajobo

          Ward 04 Ile Laduni with its headquarter at Adelagun Primary School

          Ward 05 Ile Aperin with its headquarter at Olubadan Primary School

          Ward 06 Agugu with its headquarter at Lagelu

          Ward 07 Aderogba with its headquarter at Aderogba

          Ward 08 Oje with its headquarter at IMG Primary School

          Ward 09 Aremo with its headquarter at HLA Primary School

          Ward 10 Ode Aje with its headquarter at  IMG School


          Also, Ibadan East LCDA has total number of twelve health centres, which are:

  1. Alafara Health Centre
  2. Ayekale Health Centre
  3. Oje – Elewa Health Centre
  4. Aremo Health Centre
  5. Odo Osun Health Centre
  6. Ajobo Health Centre
  7. Lagelu Youth Friendly
  8. Ode Aje Health Post
  9. St. Mary Health Post
  10. Omowunmi Health Centre
  11. Baba – Isale Health Centre
  12. Koloko Health Centre



          In Ibadan East Local Council Development Area, there are 44 primary  and 17 secondary schools which is amount to total of (61) sixty one. They are listed below:

                                                SECONDARY SCHOOLS

  1. Agugu High School
  2. Ayekale Community Grammar School Agugu
  3. Community Secondary School Agugu
  4. F.O.A. Grammar School
  5. Islamic Mission Grammar School Aperin
  6. I.M.G. High School (Along Rena)
  7. I.M.S Grammar School Agugu
  8. Lagelu Grammar School Agugu
  9. Ode – AjeAjibola High School
  10. Olubadan Grammar School
  11. Olubadan High School (Senior)
  12. Renascent High School (Senior)
  13. St. John’s Secondary School Ode-Aje
  14. United Secondary School (Senior)
  15. United Secondary School (Junior)
  16. Renascent High School (Junior)
  17. Olubadan High School (Junior)



  1. Community Primary School 1 Ayekale
  2. I.M.G School Agugu
  3. I.M.G School II Agugu
  4. I.M.G School III Agugu
  5. Islamic Mission school I Agugu
  6. Islamic Misison School II Agugu
  7. Canon Okuseinde School I Aremo
  8. Canon Okuseinde School II Aremo
  9. C&S School Oje Olokun
  10. F.O.A School I Ode-Aje
  11. F.O.A School II Ode-Aje
  12. HLA School I Aremo
  13. IMG School I Ode Aje
  14. Islamic School I Ode-Aje
  15. St John’s School I Aremo
  16. St. John’s School II Aremo
  17. St Peter’s School I Aremo
  18. St. Peters school II Aremo
  19. C.A.C School I Itabale
  20. C.A.C School II Itabale
  21. I.M.G School I Beyerunka
  22. I.M.G School II Beyerunka
  23. Adelagun School I Oja’gbo
  24. Adelagun School II Oja’gbo
  25. Adelagun School III Oja’gbo
  26. I.M.G. School I Aremo/Oja’gbo
  27. Islamic Mission School Aperin
  28. St. Joseph’s School Aperin
  29. Union of RatibiAperin
  30. I.M.G School Oke-Offa E8
  31. St Cyprian’s School III Oke-Offa
  32. Community School II Ayekale
  33. Community School III Ayekale
  34. C&S School Ojedokun
  35. HLA School II Aremo
  36. I.M.G School II Ode Aje
  37. C.A.C Olugbode School III
  38. C.A.C Olugbode School IV
  39. I.M.G School III Beyerunka
  40. I.M.G School IV Beyerunka
  41. I.M.G School Aremo/Oja’gbo
  42. I.M.G School I Oje E5
  43. Islamic School II Ode Aje
  44. Community School IV Ayekale

          In Ibadan East Local Council Development Area, there are three (3) major markets which are:

  1. Oje Market
  2. Oranyan Market
  3. Orita-Aperin